Preliminary Results are in for ViroPhos usage for Stomwater Retention Pond in
Rocky Mount, NC

EnviRemed is proud to announce the preliminary test results from the latest tests of ViroPhos™ in North Carolina. North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences received a grant funded by NCCWM trust fund to test phosphorus, nitrogen and total suspended solid sequestration for wet storm water infiltration ponds. The test was performed at a pond owned by the city of Rocky Mount, N.C. in partnership with the city of Rocky Mount. Storm water runoff containing high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen from animal waste and agricultural fertilizers causes nutrient levels in water systems to become unbalanced. These unbalanced conditions cause water pollution by promoting excessive algae growth, particularly in lakes and other water bodies. Significant increases in algae harm water quality, food resources and habitats. In this test after just the first few months of testing results show that ViroPhos™ was able to lower nitrogen contamination by sixty three percent. Total phosphorus contamination dropped by eighty nine percent and total suspended solids dropped by seventy eight percent. The test graphs are listed here.

This is the second test conducted by North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences using ViroPhos™. The first study lead to ViroPhos™ being listed by the storm water control measure credit document of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality stating ViroPhos™ as “significantly reducing total nitrogen and total phosphorous levels”. These are two of many years of worldwide successes for ViroPhos™ treating water systems from phosphorous and nitrogen contamination.

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EnviRemed provides ViroPhos for Stomwater Retention Pond in Rocky Mount, NC
October 2017

Trench constructed with rock base for placement of sand and ViroPhos filter.

River sand to be blended with ViroPhos.

Sand and ViroPhos ready to be blended

Sand and ViroPhos being added to blender.

Blended sand and ViroPhos being loaded on backhoe before being loading onto dump truck for transport to construction site.

Closeup of ViroPhos and sand blend being poured into backhoe scoop.

Completed ViroPhos and sand filter system installed in stormwater retention pond.

EnviRemed starts microbial test in Oak Island with NC State University
January 10, 2017

Bill Hunt - NC State University

North Carolina State University, project director for the Oak Island microbial test is Doctor William F. (Bill) Hunt, III, Ph.D., P.E., a William Neal Reynolds Professor & Extension Specialist Biological & Agricultural Engineering, shown above working to hydrate EnviRemed’s microbial blend for use in North Carolina’s septic tank project. Representatives from the Oak Island public works department and Director of Engineering for EnviRemed, Mr. Joe Robertson overseeing the process.

Erin S. Carey - NC State University

North Carolina State University project leader for the Oak Island microbial test is Erin S. Carey, M.S., Extension Associate Stormwater Engineering Group Biological and Agricultural Engineering, helps EnviRemed’s Mr. Joe Robertson Director of Engineering prepare the inoculation procedure.

Joe Robertson - EnviRemed

Mr. Joe Robertson adds EnviRemed’s organic microbial blend to the septic tank to neutralize pathogens in the tank.

EnviRemed at the 2016 APWA-NC SMD Conference in Charlotte, NC

Tripp Sloane, Stuart Cooke and Joe Robertson attended the American Public Works Association NC Stormwater Management Division Conference in Charlotte, NC September 12-13. EnviRemed participated as a vendor for the first time. It was a huge success.

img_2208-480x640                               img_2210-480x640
EnviRemed Booth at the APWA-NCSMD                               Joe and Tripp speaking with conference attendees

img_2202-480x640                               img_2201-480x640-2
Stuart and Tripp                                                                   Stuart and Joe

Tripp and Joe

EnviRemed Treats Ponds at Coco Beach Golf Course in Puerto Rico

EnviRemed has been contracted to treat the ponds at Coco Beach Golf Resort with a special bacterial formulation of bioremediation microbes. Joe Robertson, EnviRemed’s Director of Engineering, produced the necessary formula and combined the materials in our warehouse in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. These microbes are natural and are non-toxic, non-pathogenic and non-polluting and are safe to humans, fish and wildlife. In July 2016 Joe will be joining the staff at Coco Beach for the supervision of the inoculation and training for the subsequent weeks of treatment.

EnviRemed goes to Columbia, South America

In March 2016, Tripp Sloane – Director of Business Development, Jack McLean – Technical Consultant, and Keith Can – Sales Representative for Columbia, went to Cartagena, Columbia SA for the initial meetings with Bravo Petroleum and with Oiltanking regarding EnviRemed’s Crude Oil Sludge Hydrocarbon Recovery process. These meetings were successful and EnviRemed was invited to attend the HSSE&Q Regional Meeting in May where EnviRemed was asked to make a presentation to the Oiltanking’s Regional Technical Committee. They also met with Bravo Petroleum again and provided an onsite demonstration of the HCR Tank Cleaner.

Click to view photos of initial Oiltanking Terminal Meeting

Click to view photos of the presentation at the Oiltanking Meeting

Click to view the Oiltanking Demonstration

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Click to view the Bravo Petroleum Demonstration

EnviRemed begins work on a storm water environmental clean up project in Sunset Beach, NC – May 2015

EnviRemed featured in Bolivian Newspapers for Soil Stabilization work in Bolivia – April 2015

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EnviRemed makes a trip to La Paz, Bolivia to teach a Soil Stabilization Seminar and preform a new stabilization project – April 2015

Our Director of Operations, Construction and Business Development all made an initial visit to La Paz, Bolivia under the invitation of the public works department to assist in helping solve road issues that cause the country many problems.  On April 14th EnviRemed taught a day long seminar on the mechanics behind soil and stabilization and how we can solve the issues associated with those mechanisms.  Starting on April 15th we began the install on our first road in Bolivia.

Bolivia 1   

Environmental Leader and UK Green Building Council tout green infrastructure not only benefits the environment but benefits your wallet too – February, 2015

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Virotec Global Solutions looks to EnviRemed for trials – June, 2014

Virotec Global Solutions is pleased to announce that it has just completed the initial test work of its ViroFlow™ Technology to treat phosphorus-contaminated lake water in the United States. The work, carried out by Virotec in partnership with EnviRemed LLC, the company’s U.S. agent working with local water authorities to implement the Technology, has resulted in the effective removal of total phosphorus (TP) from contaminated lake water to “never-before-seen levels”. EnviRemed LLC has informed Virotec that as a result of the trials US$200,000 has been allocated to implement a full-scale field trial of ViroFlow™ Technology at the lake, which will be monitored by local and state water management authorities.

Dr Lee Fergusson, Virotec’s Chief Executive Officer, explains the remarkable results. “The primary problem with contaminated lake water is that the presence of even low levels of nutrients in the water, nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, results in the over-fertilization of the lake, and this condition generates an algal bloom as a consequence of the significant increase in phytoplankton in the water. Negative environmental effects include a loss of oxygen in the water, with severe reductions in fish and other animal populations. This problem is called ‘eutrophication’.” Virotec is typically asked by clients to treat water with a starting TP of between 20-70 parts per million, and our Technology is designed to produce a post-treatment TP level of between 1.0 and 2.0 parts per million, the level where eutrophication becomes a problem. Indeed, the company has conducted many such projects around the world including in the U.S. and UK, comfortably reaching these levels as a result of applying ViroFlow™ Technology.

Dr Fergusson explained that “in the case of the freshwater lake in the United States, we had starting levels of just 0.14 and 0.43 parts per million (or 150-430 parts per billion) but were required to reduce these already extremely low levels to 0.01 parts per million (or 10 parts per billion). We have never before observed such low levels of phosphorus in water, but according to U.S. authorities, these levels when considered in the light of total annual phosphorus loadings are high enough to cause a major problem in downstream waterways and wetlands, and hence the need for drastic measures.”

“I am pleased to announce to the market today,” Dr Fergusson went on to say, “that ViroFlow™ Technology reduced TP to under 0.007 parts per million or just 7.0 parts per billion.”

Dr Fergusson also reported that total nitrogen had been reduced as a result of ViroFlow™ Technology from 6.4 parts per million to 3.1 parts per million (a 52% reduction), and total potassium had been reduced from 16.3 parts per million to just 1.7 parts per million (a 90% reduction). While these other nutrients are of secondary concern to U.S. regulators, these significant reductions are also a benefit to the quality of lake water.

“Our results were confirmed twice by U.S. state environmental regulators in their own laboratories following Virotec’s test protocols and treatment methods,” Dr Fergusson explained, “and therefore mean we can now move to a large-scale field trial and further confirmation and acceptance of our Technology in the all important North American market. We will keep our customers and partners informed of our progress”

(story provided by Virotec)

EnviRemed Visits the Philippines  –  May, 2014

Our EnviRemed team has just returned from the Philippines surveying a 400 km project.

Enviremed Works With Duke Energy On Coal Ash Issues  –  May, 2014

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Iler Touts Brunswick Company For Coal Ash Cleanup  –  April, 2014

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EnviRemed and NCSU work together on heavy metal reduction in Storm water Run-off-January 2013

NCSU Wilson, NC Study-click for study

Enviremed Featured In Ideal Living Magazine  –  January, 2010

Environmental Solutions for Clean Land and Water

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