With over 100 years of combined experience, the owners of EnviRemed have assembled various technologies used for environmental site remediation and geotechnical construction purposes.  Many of our technologies are an alternative solution to complex problems that would otherwise be costly and long-term projects.  By using these alternative technologies we have provided long-term and value-added solutions.  We believe in simple solutions for complex environmental issues.

Our technologies include:



image002Soil Stabilization-Enzymes

Using enzymes derived from a variety of organic sources, EnviRemed creates an ionic bond between particles to help stabilize the treated areas.

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images (1)Bioremediation-Microbial

Tiny living organisms can be used to feed on contaminants in the soil and water to clean up spills and leaks.  Once the food source/contaminant is no longer present the organism will die off and the spill will be reduced to the desired levels, if not greater.

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Soil & Water Remediation-Bauxsol

Bauxsol is a bi-product of the aluminum making process that can be blended to target different soil contaminants and bind them up in a non-leachable form to provide a safe and cost effective way to treat a variety of contamination issues.

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images (2)Crude Oil Sludge Hydrocarbon Recovery

Our Hydrocarbon Recovery product can re-liquefy the crude oil sludge and restore the sludge into usable and saleable crude oil.

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A technology that is growing in popularity allows EnviRemed to turn waste into green electricity, ultra low sulfer green renewable #2 diesel, or renewable jet A fuel.