See what some of our customers say about our HCR product

Philadelphia Mixing Solution write up on the HCR product:

 Philadelphia mixers HCR

Midland Station Tank 2421 – Summation by Monty Pierce, Sr. Measurement Specialist for Centurion Pipeline – Midland Station:

 Midland Station 2421

Seminole, Texas 80M BBL Tank Cleaning – Summation and Photos by Curtis Stewart with BRT Services & Consulting:

Tank 2497 Mixer Change and Chemical Cleaning

See what some of our customers say about our Bioremediation-Microbial product

About our Soil Stabilization product Nature-Zyme

“I have been back to a site in Brunswick County where this product was introduced more than six (6) months ago. I personally reviewed the installation process. The road has no visible signs of wear or erosion in spite of a relatively lengthy period of use and abuse by the local electric cooperative who has a substation at the end of the road.

I believe that the cost for County maintenance for dirt roads can be dramatically reduced through implementation of this material. Further, I believe that it will have other uses for slope stabilization, back fill of trenches and improvement of roadway sub-base.”

Mike Wooten, SCDOT Commissioner of the 7th Congressional District

About our Bauxsol product

This company produces a geochemical compound that removes the toxins and the heavy metals in coal ash — with no negative residual effect to the environment. Their compound has been proven in a previous situation, with EPA sanctioning, to neutralize arsenic, lead, mercury and other toxic wastes in coal ash. They have been in touch with (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) DENR and Duke, and we hope their solution is being considered.” – as quoted in The Brunswick Beacon Click Here for the full story.

Frank Iler, N.C. House of Representatives - District 17